Apr 14

Eco-Ethical Fashion Show

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Apr 14

Jamie Lynn Spears shares her wedding snaps

Like other brides, Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn had a lovely wedding day that she could not wait to reveal it with the world. The wedding snaps showed Britney’s sister in a magnificent wedding dress. The twenty two year old tied the knot with James Watson in New Orleans earlier on Friday. Later the couple uploaded snaps with Jamie Lynn’s sister Britney and her 5 year old daughter.

Jamie Lynn sported an elegant white colored lace gown along with floral detail, a dramatic lacy veil and a fishtail cut, altering her appearance from the wedding ceremony to reception by allowing her blonde hair down.

Maddie, Jamie’s daughter, sported a matching miniature version of her mom’s wedding dress and they carried pastel colored flower bouquets. While, Spears was clad in a form fitting, floor length grey colored bridesmaid attire, and their mother sported her very own white gown.

The time Jamie Lynn and James Watson had their very first kiss as newlywed was captured on camera. Their cake cutting (with help from Maddie) was also secured as picture. When Jamie Lynn was leaving the reception premises, she told that she had on a fluffy pair of worn out UGG shoes underneath her dress.

The country star bought her wedding dress from I Do Bridal Couture boutique located in Baton Rouge in Louisiana earlier in January. James, her new husband, was dapper in a grey slick suit, as he was spotted strolling by the side of his wife.

Britney Spears, who took a short break from her new Las Vegas residency to come to Louisiana, sported her brunette tresses down. Her boyfriend David was by her side for the wedding day.
Later Britney tweeted: ‘Yesterday was magical :) So happy I could be a part of my little sister’s big day,’

‘Congrats @jamielynnspears!!’

Mar 14

Esher College Eco Fair presents Ethical Fashion

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Feb 14

WE’AR at New Zealand’s first ethical fashion runway.

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Jan 14

Colorado pair gets wedding ring back

This is a type of reunion which reunited a couple from Colorado with a loved jewelry piece which was stuck in a drain in a bathroom for many years. As luck would have it, the ring showed up when it did as Chicago house is now up for sale once again, suggesting that the next owners would not have had a way to track down the Evergreen couple.

Looking at the wedding album, Randy Heern told that his best man caught the garter. Later in July, the couple would celebrate their 40th anniversary. Just as they have the past 6 years, they were getting ready to again celebrate without a sacred token.

The wedding band of Louise went missing following a Christening in the year 2007. She was really heartsick for the ring. She tore apart the house.

At the time, their home was under construction. She told that the wedding band just might have been swept up with broken tiles. Then came Randy’s phone, He stated that they purchased the home in Chicago and he thought that he found something that might belong to you.

Louise told that so the subzero temperatures, the timing on that was very nice. Heern’s could not exactly say how the ring finished in the drain, but they have an idea. Their eleven year old cat named Axle could be the culprit.

Jan 14

Ethical fashion

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